Dr. Fauci on U.S. coronavirus outbreak: “I’m not pleased with how things are going”

White House coronavirus advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci said he is not pleased with the current state of the Covid-19 pandemic in the United States.

U.S. public health officials are beginning to see a “disturbing” uptick in the rate of coronavirus tests that come back positive in some regions of the nation, Fauci said during a National Geographic panel moderated by ABC News Correspondent Deborah Roberts, which aired on Thursday.  “Bottom line is, I’m not pleased with how things are going.” (read more)

“We certainly are not where I hope we would be, we are in the middle of very serious historic pandemic,” he added.

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While some states are beginning to see an uptick, outbreaks in California, Florida, Texas and Arizona are improving and are “having now, less deaths, less hospitalizations, less cases,” Fauci said.

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